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tv   Hugh Hewitt on The Queen  CSPAN  September 7, 2015 10:52pm-11:01pm EDT

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made clear now that we don't have anything like the capability to go in there well and bold and then and say somebody bombed the site how are you going to respond to that? you are an expert on iran so if you have a comment on that. >> i would love a comment on that but we are going to have to close down. our time is almost up. let's thank the author for the far ranging and illuminating discussion. vazquez [applause] >> market mark agreed to sign copies of the book, which is available here and i will take full advantage of that offer. thank you again for coming and thank you to the c-span audience
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and the audience here at the conference center. here's the platform that i had given her and i felt really give her what would win, the 70%, not the primary. they were mildly disturbed by james webb and casting the grant to switzerland that is preparing to have a accomplishments to contrast with the accomplishment free tenure in the department of state. she is in fact a dreadful candidate and in fact had a
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catastrophic tenure at the department of state. so if you are a dreadful candidate with difficulty connecting, people are raising issues as karl rove raised about the health and if you cannot run into the age issue as ronald reagan ran into that and you have to confront it squarely, and if you have nothing on which to run, what do you? i suggest a platform that has five large planks and i won't go through them in detail. i think that she did they ought to run to let the people decide campaign. campaign vigorously against the institution of the electoral college for claiming that it embodies white male privilege from the 18th century, which by the way was written by white males in the 18th century. not many people understand the genius of the electoral college. it is easily run against and if it has ever gotten away with you will never see a presidential candidate in kansas again, and
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that is why it exists to make sure that regional concerns are met by national candidates. and that there is a certain quantity and location as well as density of population. but where he doesn't need that. she needs to sell the american people on the idea that it's unfair that not everybody vote counts as much as it doesn't. right now i'm here to sell you how many of you are californians you don't matter. [laughter] florida, virginia, ohio, and colorado matter. to a lesser extent new hampshire and nevada and maybe arizona. but really the first four, florida, virginia, ohio and colorado. that is who matters and that's where everything will be spent created that is and who gets nominated. the people in the four states are not going to get nominated because we have a less than
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ideal system. the rights and reforms have made it better but given that reality it's made a lot of sense but it doesn't matter. she had to run against the 22nd amendment which is a very bad idea. the 22nd amendment limits the two terms. if she runs against the 22nd amendment, she runs in favor of president obama's return. she runs against george w. bush with the idea that bill clinton would have done a better job than 2000 but she appeals to bush and reagan and everyone that's always felt strongly that their candidate was the best ever. they tried to run for a third term in the teddy roosevelt tried to run for what would have been the equivalent of a third term but fdr did because he was
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a necessary man in 1940. and in 1944. but that the republicans didn't like that. and the knee-jerk reaction was the 22nd amendment as soon as they could push it through. she had to run on that, letting people decide one man, one vote against the college and to do away with term limits that might be very bad for us it's an election comes along. if you think about it, what if we had been in the middle of a presidential election when 9/11 happened and how bad that would have destroyed the outcome and how terrible that could have been to campaign in the middle or how you would not have wanted to change course is in midstream at that point if you have been forced to do so. the third point i talk about is rebuilding the national defense. there used to be something called scoop jackson democrats. i'm sure sure that some of the audience are old you in the audience are old enough to remember even for president in 70 x. the first campaign i was involved in. the strong defense democrat who authored the jackson amendment that brought the measure of relief and freedom and he was
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often called the senator from boeing because he believes strongly in buying everything that could fly and i was with him on that. and scoop jackson lives on. they grew disenchanted with jimmy carter in 1978 and 1977 and 1979 and became into our party. and my book that you can buy on, barnes and noble and books a million said she ought to run seriously on the platform of rebuilding is jimmy carter in 1980. they will remember the turnaround that occurred it was limited to secretary of defense and encouraged by jimmy carter but it's not happening right now although ash carter is a terrific sec. defense into turkic undersecretary. there are people out there for a limited retirement ceremony was great. there were people like me and
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the speaker of the assembly in california. there were democrat and republicans. wouldn't it be great if everyone supported the department of department of defense in that fashion again? [applause] so that we wouldn't be trending towards 2.5% of gdp spending that up to 5%. and the third platform that i suggested is that she went on a 5% find. good times and bad times to spend 5% of gdp on the nation's military to buy ships we don't need and airplanes we don't need and bombs we will never drop just so we don't have to and we will keep them to 200,000 with special forces second to none which we already do but we will spend that we will spend the money because as ronald reagan said, prepare for war and they will not come. don't and it will. ..
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msnbc explored the way racial issues impacted residential campaigns. also coming out up, bill o'reilly and a discussion on his political career. >> our story is one of people wanting to work, seeing themselves as working and taking pride in that work


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